Art.1 Vehicles shall only be rented to persons holding a valid national or international driving license, at least one year old and over 21 years of age, at the date of the rental of the car.

Art.2 The necessary documents for renting are:

2.1 In the original: driving license, passport, identity card or identity card;

2.2 Proof of payment of the tariff, issued by the company;

Art.3.1 Payment of the tariff shall be made in lei, at the rate established and displayed by the provider;

3.2 Proof of payment of the tariff can be done only on the basis of the invoice issued by the company;

Art.4.1 At the rental the client must lodge a guarantee corresponding to the rented car class, according to the list of prices displayed as well as the cost of the rental itself;
4.2 The warranty serves to cover the damages caused to the vehicle by the fault of the customer;
4.3 The warranty will be fully refunded. If the rented vehicle is returned on the date and time fixed in the contract with all the objects listed in the inventory, without any internal or external damage or other non-insured damage occurring during the contract period;

Art.5 The liability of the client in the event of an accident, the loss of inventory items or the deterioration of the goods inside the car is within the limit of the deposit for the rental of the car only if the damages are produced within the limits of the insurance.

Art.6 The rental fee includes:
6.1 Unlimited number of kilometers, VAT, RCA, vignette, CASCO insurance;
6.2 Replacement of the defective car, except in the case of fault caused by the fault of the customer;
6.3 Periodic technical revisions and maintenance of the car;
6.4 NON STOP assistance number: +40 0732 69 69 87;

Art.7 The rent does not include:
7.1 Fuel, transit fees, garage, transhipment during rental;
7.2 Insurance for people and luggage in the car.

Art.8 Other tariffs, in the following situations:
8.1 Renting the car in the 08:00 PM – 09:00 AM is considered “\\\ Extra Hour ///” and is charged 10 €;
8.2 Requesting a child’s seat for the period of the rental to be charged with 10 €;
8.3 Providing a driver for a period of less than or equal to 8h / day is charged 20 € / day;
8.4 Providing a driver for more than 8h a day is charged with 30 € / day plus the cost of accommodation and meals;
8.5 Handing the car to a location other than the one where it was rented is charged 0.3 € / km;
8.6 The fuel difference between the amount sold for rent and that taken over when the lease is closed is charged with 1.5 € / liter of missing fuel;
8.7 Exceeding one hour of the rental period (date and time) is charged with the equivalent of a rental day, according to the contract;
8.8 In order to ascertain the lack or damage of the inventory objects mentioned in the contract, the Company reserves the right to withhold, partially or totally, the value of the deposit lodged for the lease;
8.9 The taking over or handover of the rented car in Bucharest is charged with 10 €;
8.10 For travel abroad, the rental rate is increased by 20% and minimum 3 days of rental are required.