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Cookies provide us with information and details about how a user uses our site. This information is then used to arrange and alter the content of the site to be more useful and enjoyable.

What do cookies do with us?
Cookies provide a more enjoyable browsing experience and help us provide you with optimal services (taking into account interests and trends).

About cookies
Cookies, also known as “HTTP cookies” or “cookies”, are small files, often uniquely identified, consisting of digits and characters, which are transferred to our browser by our server and can be returned to the server whenever the browser requests a page in it. Thus, we ensure that the website is as easy and fast as possible. Depending on the browser used (Chrome or Mozilla), the cookie is passive. It does not have the ability to transmit viruses or other malware.

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Cookies have many advantages, including:

-your recognition when visiting the website;
-improving website navigation;
-analyzing the website;
-customizing your website for you;
-personalizing settings (such as language);
-the ability to improve the website for our clients;

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